The Tate Modern and Me - A Tale of Serendipity

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Hello my creative friends,

I know it has been a while but I'm happy to say that I'm back in full swing with blogging and updating my creative, virtual home. 

I have some lovely news to share, I am preparing to give a talk and presentation for a Soapbox event at the Tate Modern! This is not something I could have ever planned, this was manifested purely because of serendipity and curiosity. 

My creative journey began many years ago when, as a young mum I followed a “Paint Along…” programme that I saw by chance.  My very first attempt at a still life in that half an hour was enough to see me sign up  for an art class the following autumn.  Up to that point I was one of those people who said that I knew nothing about art and couldn’t draw a straight line.

From that first class I have kept following the “breadcrumbs”, as I call it, because it wasn’t even in my dreams to be a full time artist, it never occurred to me.  I just kept taking on new challenges as they presented, saying “Yes”, half of the time I was scaring myself half to death but you know what they say - “Dream Big - your dreams should scare you, even a little bit” and so I am now very ambitious for my work. Having come this far, why stop now?  

At my graduation from Limerick College of Art & Design, 2004

At my graduation from Limerick College of Art & Design, 2004

When an opportunity presented itself recently to lead a talk in the Tate Modern’s Soapbox, I just said ‘yes’ and thought this is the Universe winking at me, pushing me on.  The Tate Modern just happens to be my favourite gallery in London and I visit it every time I am over.

At The Tate Modern, August 2021
At The Tate Modern, August 2021


I am not an ‘academic’ but this is a more informal presentation and I felt that I could talk about my chosen subject and passion in my art - Colour and Emotion I have loved putting the images and information together for this, reflecting on the past masters who have been an inspiration to me and the story of how their work pushed my ‘eye’  to contemptary art which I now love so much. 

It all feels so right but as the day approaches, my word, the butterflies are fluttering.  I think that’s good sign though - it will help to keep me sharp and on  my toes! 

Keep following the little signs you receive, keep listening to that inner voice, keep saying yes to things that light you up and keep believing with all your heart that your dream was given to you for a reason. 

Siobhan x

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